recent PoorDecisions


People Who Understand Math

Went to and entered a decision
Learned that this site doesn't actually do anything but scrape your clipboard, browsing history and your cookie file.


Liters of Vanilla Vodka

Tired of being the "nerdy girl on campus," I put in some contacts, wore a mini skirt with no panties, and a bikini top with high heels.
After countless shots of rum and vodka, I ended up having sex with 8 men and 4 women. Not at once, but in quick succession, and one of is in a class I T.A. Grading his tests are awkward now. I regret nothing.


Days Since Last Hangover

got naked with boyfriend
he and I got naked in bed while we were alone we madeout and looked each other up and Down he fingered me and I like his penis


your mom

Did drugs.
Got aids. Three months to live.


Square Feet of Fridge Space Not Occupied by Booze

Planning on being inceminated instead of getting married.
Making up a story about the "seed guy" to tell your kid when he questions where he came from.


LOLrus Bukkits

Decided to download this app
No updates.


Trash Cans Not Vomited Into

To eat chocolate
Ended up dying from diabetes and coz I got hit in the balls to hard


Uncomfortable Explanations Needed

Opened poor decisions for 5 minutes
Crashed 5 times


Wishes Denied

I bet theres 1 button to upload decisions
The people who run this are to fat to press it


Times the Socially Acceptable Level of Failure

Trimming my pubes
Had to keep going the whole way down. Now I look like a pre puberty child.

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