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Gallons of LMAOnade

Got wasted at my place with some mates to celebrate end of uni exams. When I awoke the next morning I discovered that the blinds to the window at the front of my house that overlooked the main road and been mysteriously removed. It was only when a motorcycle cop stopped as they drove by did I realise that I was naked.
Decided "Fuck it, if I'm up for public indecency may as well make it worthwhile". As the cop walked up to the house I started flexing. When I answered the front door completely naked still the cop had removed HER helmet. Flirted shamelessly whilst in the buff with her and eventually she stopped trying to give me a ticket and started flirting back. An hour later I had made that pig squeal. Sargent Rachael comes by every Saturday afternoon now. Still haven't worked up the courage to tell her that I think she gave me herpes.


LOLrus Bukkits

having sex for the first time
parents walking in and making sure we are using protection.


Unnecessary MySQL Queries

Drinking beers, nips, and absinthe and walking home from Somerville at 3am.
Rap battling a hotel custodian by BU at 5am completely drunk, and winning.


Milligrams of ROFLnol

Encouraging my girlfriend to take a job at a dance studio.
her dumping me for her dance partner.


Times This Post Got Shoved In A Locker In High School

Slicing habanero peppers bare-handed then decided to put in my contacts.
Habanero pepper juice between my eyeball and contact lens; can't open my eyes to take it out.


Pairs of LOLerskates

Not wearing a condom.


Milligrams of ROFLnol

Me drinking too much at the bar.
Me to waking up to a 60 year old grandmother the next day.


Alcohol Induced Comas

Drinking to celebrate your 21st birthday until 5am and then taking a train to Amsterdam two hours later.
Passing out in the corner of Anne Frank's house.


Shotgun Weddings

Being a good wingman to your friend.
Getting dry raped by a fat asian chick.


Average Value of LMAO

I was drinking and hanging out with my fiancee's brother.
I slept with his brother, who was a virgin, and so much better in bed; plus, i've started falling for him, and to top it all off, I might be pregnant.

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