random PoorDecisions


Average Value of LMAO

Thought it would be cool to hurl a enormous log in a helicopter type motion.
Woke up with a headache and no recollection of what happened before.


Roads of Awesome. AWESOMES.

told a black joke in a room full of black people
got chicken thrown at me, cause i was at kfc


Guys That Girl You Like Hasn't Slept With



Deaths by Dysentery

I got in one little fight.
My mom got scared.


Accidental Pregnancies

Realizing that i only have to type "poo" before my phone automaticlly pulls up "Poor Decisions."


Deaths by Dysentery

Finally agreed to come bar crawling with buddies to prove my alcohol tolerance.
35 drinks later, first puke ever, found a hangover, turned on the shower at the hotel, got in and slept. No luck, I didn't drown.


Accidental Sex Change Operations

Finding out I wasn't pregnant.
Being sad and drinking WAY too much starting at 6pm, crying repeatedly, letting my fiances little brother who's 15 but is built like an MMA fighter punch me in the leg, puking, more crying, passing out in the bathroom, waking up and still sooo drunk all i could do was lay there unresponsive to ANYTHING, going to bed, waking up at 2am still wasted asking my fiance to make me dinosaur flavored chicken nuggets....and still not having a hangover the next morning.


Glasses of Whiskey

Decided it would be a good ideal to drink 13 free beers at work with two others guys i work with.
Leaving work an hour early, go to a carnival, hit on carny chicks, getting slapped in the face by a 13yr old girl, losing my wallet, puking on a carny's shoe on the rollercoaster, and getting away with it :).


Accidental Pregnancies

looking for my car keys in my roommates bed.
found a vibrator under my roommates bed. he's a guy. Ted is there somethin that u wanna tell me.=o


Cubic Centimeters of Dignity Remaining

Fired mah lazah
My cat dies

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