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Arbitrary Numbers

Decided to give up dating and focus on myself.
Lived happily ever after.


Rent Dollars Actually Spent on Rent

i was 13 n I had sex (was really rape) but like a week that he was fuckin my twin I not the type that can handle that kinda pain soo I began to cut AGAIN not just my arm I did my legs tummy back neck I cut everything I could possibly cut
mama found out that a was cuting then she found out about the sex because of my sister then I was in thairapy for 4 months (didn't help) had to leave my Chruch mom and dad lost 26 frands n one day because of my FML (where the fuck is my blade)


Average Value of LMAO

I swallowed...
well i am due June 6th 2013... With a little girl ... what a disaster!



Decided to download Poordecisions App.
Laughing sparingly. Reading about high school relationships and drunken nights gone wrong. Then realizing the last update was 11/22/12 and I was already in 2011 barely 4 posts in..


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Read posts for an hour.
Realized nobody can spell correctly.


Average Value of LMAO

why dont you dick slaps stop jrking each other off and post something


Metric Tons of Self Respect

was living a sinful life and on my way to hell. until i accepted Christ Jesus as my lord and savior
being saved and having everlasting life with my God Christ Jesus.


Friends Left After Last Night

i dont want you to submit this, but guys, fucking update!!!!!
update mother fuckers


Really Awkward Mornings

waiting for PD to update
grew a beard...


Hot Dogs Down the Hallway

Losing my virginity at 13
He left me for a hairy, fat bitch with line backer shoulders who cheated on him at Wendy's in the freezer.

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