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Trash Cans Not Vomited Into

falling inlove with a guy on unemployment,
moving in with the guy and realizing he expects me not only to work and pay the bills but also, do his laundry clean the house and take care of his dog. BONUS RESULT: at least the sex is good.


Liters of Vanilla Vodka

agreed to camping for Valentine's Day weekend with my best friend, her boyfriend and his best friend who was obviously in love with me. I did not return his feelings. That night, I drank half a bottle of vodka...
ended up sleeping with the best friend in his single person tent. for the next month or so he would not leave me alone. BONUS RESULT: woke up the next morning and found out how loud i was. BONUS BONUS RESULT: he gave me a teddy for Valentine's Day the next morning... needless to say the car trip home was extremely awkward


Rewarding Relationships Formed

Leaving the windows open for the cats because our A/C is broken(it's hot as hell in here) and going out for the night.
Came home at 7:30 this morning after a long night drinking and our ps3, controllers, hdmi cable, and our modem have been stolen...they even took our charging cord for the controllers. In hindsight, should have gotten a pitbull instead of my pansy-ass cats. BONUS RESULT: Losing my faith in humanity.


Charges of First-Degree HAHA

having sex with my boyfriend.
he said I can't have anymore dick because I become violent after sex. Bonus Result: it's really his poor decision because I can have an orgasm without even touching myself. Extra Special Result: I give myself a better orgasm than he ever has.


Arbitrary Numbers

Went to Dorney Park w/ best friend
Me and him flirting, making out on the ferris wheel, giving him a handjob, him wanting me to suck his dick, me doing it, him creaming all over my face while on the kiddie train a lil kid asking me wats on my face and were he can get some. BONUS RESULT: I now have a new boyfriend SUPER BONUS RESULT: He proposed yesterday and im having his son.


Bottles of Asprin

Went back to a friends place to drink it up.
had a threesome with her and her boyfriend, things got weird, we don't talk anymore. Bonus result: had to walk 10 miles home in the pitch dark, drunk as hell, with a broken belt buckle.


Rent Dollars Actually Spent on Rent

boyfriend refused to kiss me (bin going out for about a month) and would barely hold my hand
telling him i already have a pussy and i dont need another one and braking up with him BONUS RESULT: he was really nice so i feel really bad for braking his heart


Grammar and Spelling Corrections

going out with this guy who i thot was really cool
being texted and or called at every hour of the day with tons of voicemails so now my box is full and hes still asking me what im doing, who im with, etc. BONUS RESULT: having to call the cops because hes harassing me and stalking me


Prokchop Sandwiches

Walking backwards on sidewalk.
Fell into open man-hole.BONUS RESULT: Cut my head.


Unnecessary MySQL Queries

Tried to use poordecisions.net's tags to find hilarious posts.
Confusion, frustration, and rage. BONOSE RESELT: if i spell 'bonus result' incorrectly, no one will ever find this post once it's no longer on the front page

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