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deciding to ride my bike from my grandmas house to dallas, (200 miles away)
crawling across the side of a highway, broken leg. Bonus Result: waking up in someones backyard surrounded by police officers


On the ROFLdex

Tried to use poordecisions.net's tags to find hilarious posts.
Confusion, frustration, and rage. BONOSE RESELT: if i spell 'bonus result' incorrectly, no one will ever find this post once it's no longer on the front page


Miles per ROFL

Helping out a friend up a hill on my quad because he panicked and froze half way up.
Standing on front of quad to weigh him down so he wouldn't flip back, he hit throttle, I hit ground and then to add insult he ran me over..dislocated knee torn acl, mcl all ligaments, tendons, hyper extension of knee and fracture of knee..laid me up for 6 weeks..BONUS...friend still laughing claimed an accident.

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