PoorDecisions tagged as

surprisingly not Pope


Days Since Last Accident

Buying a video game.
Addicted to said video game.


Bottles of Asprin

Overtime, chores, extremely tired and more overtime. Didn't realize I've been drinking too much of coffee, soda, Red Bull and Gatorade to keep awake.
Lying in bed in the ER and being told my stomach is bleeding internally and the gas can't knock me out completely for an operation.


HA Granules

Drinking 21 nips bottles in 6 hours, on my 21st birthday
Coining the term "policifer" and waking up at 4 PM the next day to ask "Did I finish?"


Interrupted Masturbation Sessions

Going overboard when my aunt asks me to "invent a Thanksgiving drink"
Something called "three kinds of alcohol and blue stuff"


Liters of Vanilla Vodka

Taking 15 jello shots and a handle of vodka.
Getting fingered by two guys on the dance floor, making out with my boyfriend's frat brother, and waking up cuddling bagel bites, pepperonis, and cheez-its. Then taking a test at nine AM.


Liters of Vanilla Vodka

Drinking heavily throughout my 21st birthday week.
Puking on a bar, passing out at a bar, getting kicked out of a bar, and being known as "that guy".

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