PoorDecisions tagged as



Prokchop Sandwiches

Going to a party. Secondary decision: TEQUILA.
Waking up handcuffed to a bed with two guys' junk in my face. Could not suppress boner. Gave blowjobs. THIS DOESN'T MAKE ME GAY RIGHT? RIGHT? right...?


Draught Kegs

woke up naked in a tree


Broken Condoms

Drinking two 40's and a shot of tequila to myself.
Sleeping with some ugly ass chick that has a bigger stomach than me and breaking up with my girlfriend over text so I could


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Bottle of tequila at boyfriends mates party
Got with a random girl (im straight) and fucked my boyfriend in the bathroom, then woke up the next morning covered in sick shivering outside.


Milligrams of ROFLnol

getting my boss' daughter pregnant.


Holes In Friends' Ceiling

New Years Party. Decided to impress cute blonde co-worker by drinking half a fifth of whiskey and half of fifth of dirty tequila...
Blonde Co-worker boobies *reset* behind the wheel of truck *reset* walking in strange part of town *reset* convenience store??? *reset* Waking up behind the wheel of my truck, safely, at 5 in the morning.... by a police officer.


Babbies Formed

doing a backflip off a trruck bed after taking 5 shots of tequila
regaining consiousness in a deserted campsite without pants


Texts That Should Not Have Been Sent

drinking too much tequila in mexico
playing guitar for a random mariachi band on the street and waking up with no money, phone, or passport on a bus to cuba. BONUS RESULT- flight was the next morning at six am and i was supposed to be the best man for my brothers wedding


Dollars Spent on Cab Rides Back From the Wrong State

Slamming tequila and vodka at a house party all night.
Being blackmailed by my fiance's best friend who recorded me having sex with her sister at the house party.


Rent Dollars Actually Spent on Rent

Going to a college party at 13 years old (I have my ways). Taking jello shots, drinking a full bottle of tequila, some patron, and getting high.
Dancing on the roof naked. That's all I remember. So much regret.

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