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Liters of Vanilla Vodka

being a very good player on blackops (im a teenage girl)
after beating many grown men, one told me to eat a tampon....


On the ROFLdex

Had friends come into town for the weekend and decided to take a xanex before leaving for the club. At said club, drank four "pineapple upside down cakes", three beers, and lord knows how many shots my bartender-friend told me to try...all within 30 minutes.
Stumbling around downtown Savannah, blind-drunk, screaming how i wanted to go back to the first club and dance. BONUS RESULT: slapped husband in the face, told everyone I met i wanted to have a girl suck on my tits and clit, and ending up with a two inch long blood blister on my foot from my high heels. BONUS #3: DONT REMEBER A THING!!!


Glasses of Whiskey

Taking my contacts out at the wave pool.
Missing the girl with huge melons fall out of her bikini.


Percent Chance of Not Getting AIDS

Getting stoned on a dog beach.
Lost shirt, girl running around topless, inability to move, near drowning due to in-ability to move, weird foot sunburn.


Gallons of LMAOnade

Drinking a lot of straight vodka.
Telling a guy I was interested in my bra size and that he's allowed to grope them anytime...in front of many people then proceeding to throw up on his driveway.

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