PoorDecisions tagged as



Worried Stares from Onlookers

Getting a boob job size DD
Me falling over everytime i go UP the stairs because i'm too top heavy


your mom

To go out to a local small town club at a big casino, to celebrate ex's birthday wearing a way to low shirt.
Cock blocking my ex all night and he thanked me, getting my boobs pointed out and touched by many many people


Accidental Sex Change Operations

Just wanted to go swimming after work with 1 friend...
Ended up inviting almost everyone at work , got wasted , my friend got mad at me for showing her old crush my boobs . 2 weeks later : my boyfriend finds out about all of this and breaks my brand new phone.... I loved that phone.


Hot Dogs Down the Hallway

Going to a bar like coyote ugly with a couple of my guy friends.
Getting completely drunk and getting on the bar to dance. Ended up biting a girls titties in front of an old crush. Every guy in the bar hitting on me.

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