PoorDecisions tagged as

that's fucked up. seriously.


Shots of Jaeger

I came home from my friends house early
I found my girlfriend cheating on me...with my dog


Glasses of Whiskey

Drinking with my cousin while nobody was home.
She's pregnant - it's mine. She wants to keep the baby. What am I going to tell my family? Uh oh.


Trash Cans Not Vomited Into

woman downtown asked me if i wanted a free back massage-- i said yes
after being groped for several minutes, i opened my eyes to discover that my dick disappeared


Professors Who Will Accept This Post As an Excuse

Getting shitfaced with my brother my best freind and my friend who looks like my boyfriend.
Resulted in me kissing both my brother and best friend and waking up next to who I thought was my boyfriend. The night before him and my boyfriend (now ex) WERE friends.

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