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Grammar and Spelling Corrections

got drunk
woke up hurting in the ass robed of shoes and clotes and no ride home and no guy BONUS RESULST cant remember a think from last night


Liters of Vanilla Vodka

Drank too much wine again
My friends waxed off my pubes and glued them to my eyebrows.


Shotgun Weddings

got really drunk lastnight
ended up eating toothpaste thinking it was astronaut food


Broken Promises

eating a burrito, snickers, m&ms, coke, and a four loko before i hadto march
puking like shoop da whoop, for 10 minutes


Babbies Formed

playin kinect while drunk
well the bad news is that my room is a giant fuckin wreck and i cannot seem to find the kinect sensor anywhere. the good news is that i found my headphones that i lost last month in this big mess!


Really Awkward Mornings

decided to chug a premixed bottle of long island iced tea. passed out with my then boyfriend watching.
woke up naked with head in the toilet, then in the tub and finally in the bed. was told i slept with 2 girls when his friends came by and then that he was kidding. Bonus: ran into his friend who exclamed... is this the naked hotel chick? You MARRIED her?!?!? yea me... im still not sure what really happened. married 12 yrs now...


Wishes Denied

Drinking 2 hefty bottles of vodka on as many hours in a rock festival.
Breaking my friends ankle, threatening people with crocodiles if they did no do what I told them to do, tried to climb to the stage because the band was 5min late and getting thrown into a lake by security guards because of it.


Dollars of Net Profit Last Night

Drank too much wine...again!
No crapping in the fishtank this time. Passed out in the back yard naked covered in mud. Apparently the dust bunnies told me to bury my clothes because they were secretly consuming me. BONUS RESULT: My clothes were not in the hole, I had to walk home....naked..sigh! I think I should quit drinking.


Glasses of Whiskey

Drank too much wine....again!
Crapped in some dudes fish tank, all the fish apparently died..


your mom

dating an alcoholic
planned on a "romantic" night and ended up laying in bed listening to him snore while passed out :( not exactly what i had in mind

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