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For my 21st birthday, I went to a bar across the street from my fraternity. I just had ACL surgery a few days before so I was on some serious narcotics for the pain, and a snow/ice storm had just come through Boston. Countless shots and drinks later...
...it's 2am and I'm too proud to let anyone help me back across the street to the house. Of course I slip and fall on the ice in the street, blocking traffic with a cabbie laying on his horn. I stumble towards him, waving my crutches about to go medieval on his car. A buddy snatches me up and fireman carries me safely into the house.


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Say to mom "I was not fapping.I was scratching maybe its a rash or something"
She wants to look at my junk now.


Times This Post Got Shoved In A Locker In High School

Decided to try my first Christmas bar crawl that started at 8am in an unfamiliar city.
Woke up on the dance floor with blinking christmas lights and ornaments all over me with people I didnt know taking my picture and no idea where my friends went. After going through some texts I figured out that I told my friends that i was leaving because the "Abominable Snowman stole my drink". End result: $200 cab ride home

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