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booze induced amnesia


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St. Patricks Day. drinking 3 beers casually then drinking the other 12 in a shotgun competition with my friend within an hour
Pooing in one of my neighbours bowls and leaving it in the middle of their floor. got caught pulling up my pants. Also lead to being chased by 30 people wanting to kick my ass. Dont remember any of it, got told by the guy whos house it was the next morning. Awkward.


Professors Who Will Accept This Post As an Excuse

Third of a box wine bag, three beers, glass of scotch, bourbon, and wanting to prove everyone wrong when they said skulling a whole bottle of vodka wasn't possible.
Propositioning four individuals in one go, losing my watch, t-shirt and wallet, needing to have vomit scooped out of my mouth, ambulance, waking up in hospital with alcohol poisoning and no memory of the night, having to walk home and sweat out pure alcohol for a week. To cap this off, I spent 6 months unaware that I'd achieved the glorious feat of skulling a whole bottle of vodka, and was paranoid that I couldn't handle my booze for a half year until one of my mates informed me of what had really transpired.


Sois by the ROFLcopter

Not understanding what my mate meant when he said "We're drinking Irish tonight!" on Friday night.
Waking up on Monday morning in my mate's garage with a black eye, my ex girlfriend's best friend naked on top of me, an empty bottle of baileys and no recollection of the events leading up to this situation.


Miles per ROFL

Drinking two bottles of vodka, ten drinks, five beers, and six shots in one night in Las Vegas/
Blacking out, loosing my jacket, falling down more times then i can count, splitting my elbow open and bleeding all over my shirt, stealing 20 newspapers, and being stuck in the same room watching my friend have sex with some random asian.


Glasses of Whiskey

"Newfoundland Screech", instead of normal rum.
I don't know. My friends still won't tell me what happened.


Broken Condoms

Drinking too much beer at a friend's house during a party.
Stumbling home, going to my roommate's room prancing on the floor yelling "I'm an iguana", puking all over the bathroom, and not remembering any of it in the morning.


On the LOLometer

Drinking while sick.
HUUGE hangover, blacking out, waking up with a magazine with January Jones on the cover on my bed.


Friends Left After Last Night

Drinking moonshine and OJ at 6am.
Blacking out for a significant amount of time, waking up with pieces of glass in my foot and a bloody toe.


Miles of LOLercoaster

Celebrating Halloween.
I don't remember.

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