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the law


Buildings Drunkenly Peed On

deciding to ride my bike from my grandmas house to dallas, (200 miles away)
crawling across the side of a highway, broken leg. Bonus Result: waking up in someones backyard surrounded by police officers


Shotgun Weddings

decided to fuck my girlfriend at a park at 1 in the mornin after a lot of alcohol and marijuana. still had a bottle and half ounce in the car. and im not 21..cops came..
i am now gettin fucked by the long dick of the law


Interrupted Masturbation Sessions

Drove slightly under speed limit when a cop pulled behind me to avoid a ticket
Got a ticket for "impeding traffic" for driving two miles under the limit


Broken Condoms

cop pulled me over and i played the bad boys sound track.
three tickets, my car got towed and i spent two days in jail. bad boys bad boys.


Deaths by Dysentery

"Are you drunk" "I was thinking drunk was implied."
Not a good thing to correct an officer on as an excuse for peeing out the passenger window of a moving car. He did accept it was a difficult trick and congratulated me as he gave me the ticket, though.


People Who Understand Math

Saw a cop on a back road where absolutely EVERYONE speed down. about half a mile down the road saw a white car and flashed my lights to warn them that there was a cop ahead
said white car turned out to be an undercover cop. I now need to pay $150 of money that i dont have because this economy sucks and the fact that I'm an 18 year old girl doesn't help


Metric Tons of Self Respect

drank my ass off it was a night like the hangover we started out partying at my buddys crib then went to the strip club then got some dominos then went to the bar then back to his house for more drinking got so fuckin shwasted i couldnt open the unlocked door to my buddys house and i really had to take a shit so i shit near my car wiped myself then passed out in my passenger seat
someone called the cops on me so the next morning i woke up to cops tapping on my window and my pants half down .....i ended up getting slapped with 3 serious tickets and had to go to court and pay 450 bucks ....yea i still party at his house to this day


Babbies Formed

getting drunk and then my friends dropping me off at the bartenders house after falsely convincing me she had a crush on me...
i have a warrant in michigan


Holes In Friends' Ceiling

driving to a party with some friends and drinking beer in the car. got pulled over and the driver told us "to act natural," so i continued to drink my beer as the cop approached
my friend got an open container ticket, speeding ticket and we had to dump out our beer.


Pairs of LOLerskates

deciding to go to a prison and get firecrackers to throw over the gate sucessfully
getting hunted down and having a dog find me hiding and attack me

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