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there's a party in my pants. and urine...


Babbies Formed

drinking to much at a concert
not being able to even focus on the big screens to see the show, having to pee so bad, my friend had to help me up the hill. decided I wasnt going to make it to the bathroom, ran down the backside of the hill, heading to the woods, yeah didnt make it fell face first down the hill bounced 3 times, causing me to pee my pants. Tried to pull my pants down midpee to avoid anymore pee in the pants and then fell down said hill yet again and then having to ride home in friend's Mom's car we borrowed covered in mud saoked with pee!


Metric Tons of Self Respect

finished off the last of my shrooms
the w isnt capitalized. lol wtf. my phone screen looks funny. also i might have pissed myself. cant. stop. laughing.


Guys That Girl You Like Hasn't Slept With

Drinking and coming to to fall asleep in my brother's room.
Peeing in his bed and getting yelled at by mom.


Dollars of Net Profit Last Night

Drank lots of cranberry juice, coffee, and tea, then went to see a long-ass movie.
I had to get up and take a leak three times during the movie, and I'm pretty sure I missed something important because the ending made no sense.


Roads of Awesome. AWESOMES.

Drinking on an empty stomach.
Trying to piss on some guy and his luggage, pissing everywhere else. And I ruined a perfectly good pair of shorts, also I got a really bad hangover.


Drug Cartels Now Searching for the Author of This Post

Drinking a shitload of beer and spraining the hell out of my ankle.
Passing out at the urinal, falling back onto my head, being thrown out of the club by the bouncer, puking on my own feet in front of 2 cops on horses and my new girlfriend. Finally my buddy tells me, "Dude, your dick's hanging out.


Promises Kept

Peed on the side of a building really drunk.
The cops pulled up...we didn't even hear them till they spoke.


Percent Chance of Not Getting AIDS

Drinking lots of vodka shots.
Walking on the streets with a dick drawn on my cheek to go to a night shop, and then coming back home to finally pee on my own sofa.


Babbies Formed

Drinking an 40 oz bottle of rhum in two hours at the 18th birthday of my best friend.
Eating grass, saying "The sky is in the air" each minute or two for the next hour, seeing trains that doesn't exist, peeing for about one and a half minute (no kidding) to finally black out, wake up the next morning in my bed, and having no idea of how I came there.


Cubic Centimeters of Dignity Remaining

Having fat thighs and trying to pee in a public bathroom while trying not to sit on the toilet bowl.
Pee dribbling down fat thighs and wetting my pants.

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