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this makes no sense


Guys That Girl You Like Hasn't Slept With

Drank too much wine...again!
No crapping in the fishtank this time. Passed out in the back yard naked covered in mud. Apparently the dust bunnies told me to bury my clothes because they were secretly consuming me. BONUS RESULT: My clothes were not in the hole, I had to walk home....naked..sigh! I think I should quit drinking.


Days Since Last Hangover

Saw a cop on a back road where absolutely EVERYONE speed down. about half a mile down the road saw a white car and flashed my lights to warn them that there was a cop ahead
said white car turned out to be an undercover cop. I now need to pay $150 of money that i dont have because this economy sucks and the fact that I'm an 18 year old girl doesn't help


Futures Destroyed

Decided to test out my brand new 3D TV on a bunch of DVDs I'd recently picked up from my parent's place.
Boyfriend walks in on me watching gay porno in 3D glasses. Looked like a dork.


People Who Will Never Invite You Anywhere Ever Again

doing skittals aka tripple c's
runing around bathesda having a huge black dude say he was gona "knock my ass out" because my friend sonya had gottin it to a fight with him running around the forrest going home and telling him thru heavy tears the world is tearing me apart he took this in the metiforical way i ment i ligit thought world was doing that to me


Square Feet of Fridge Space Not Occupied by Booze

sitting in the back of a truck with my little brother in Mexico yelling "tamales"
a ton of people staring a cop looking at us like what the hell and one dude chasing after us saying i want tamales


Miles per ROFL

Playing backyard football with a bunch of gay people.
Getting fingered.


Chairman LMAOs

Chugging twice out of a bottle of cuervo to get messed up; no work tomorrow.
Passed out standing up peeing, slammed head on toilet, fractured nose, woke up by a bloody towel and puke, and a phone call from my job telling me I was late.

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