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Bud Diesel


Liters of Vanilla Vodka

Almost a full case of Bud at my 10 year reunion.
Woke up in jail the following day and learned that I had pulled over along the side of the highway and was in the middle of the street stopping people driving by and asking to see their drivers licenses. I guess I was checking to see if they were legal? Apparently the last car I stopped was a police officer. He was not at all thankful that I was attempting to help the police dept.


Charges of First-Degree HAHA

For my 28th Bday I decided to drink 28 x 5.5% Budweiser beers. Drank beer #28 in the dancefloor at the club. Started dancing with a cute little hottie.
Blacked out shortly after still on the dancefloor dancing. Next memory is opening my eyes to the biggest, ugliest snatch i've ever seen, then promptly throwing up after seeing it. Got sent home in a cab. Woke up the next afternoon with many questions; Where is my shirt? Why do I have 2 pairs of pants on? What the hell happened to the hottie I was dancing with on the dancefloor?

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