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unexplained drunk injuries


Alcohol Induced Comas

Drinking and partying with friends and deciding to ride my bicycle home later that night.
Biked into a ditch and faceplanted the asphalt, felt nothing at the time but when I woke up the next morning it felt like someone had smashed my head with a sledgehammer. I also had blood all over my pillow and clothes, a bruise on my cheekbone and a dirt-filled cut on my eyebrow that left a scar as a reminder.


Average Value of LMAO

Finishing a fifth of rum in an hour trying to keep up with a professional alcoholic.
Blacking out while walking to a bar, except I was talked into driving there, then got thrown out the bar, tried to tight-rope walk a chain and smashed my face into the concrete...broke my jaw in three places.


you're adopted

Eating dinner, then drinking six Coronas, half a bottle of Popov vodka, and lastly having two newcastles.
throwing up on my bedroom floor, rolling around in it, having my roommate threaten to call my family, try to clean it up with tissue and a sweatshirt, the boy she liked describing everything I ate for dinner as I threw up, blacking out and waking the next morning with a broken toe.


Responsibilities Taken Seriously

Downloading this app deciding I wanna make a really awesome bad decision for it.
Started drinking at 8am whiskey and some imported shit I don't even know what it was. BONUS RESULT: May have gotten gf prego, head hurts really bad, scared the shit outta my friends gf by yelling and my ribs have a huge gash in it and I dont know what happened.

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