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Promises Kept

(going to a walmart. having to pee. waiting in line in the ladies room. old lady was in front of me) The door for the big stall opens and since shes old and has a crutch, i was gonna wait for her to go in...waiting...waiting...i finnally asked if she was going to use the big stall-she said i could use it, and i said no and insisted she use it because of the hand-rails. She ended up hitting me with her cane, saying "Just go in the damn stall and do your goddamnit buisness!", so i did.
when i was done, walked out to wash my hands, and she hit me with her cane-again-and yelling at me, asking me why i didnt let her use that stall thats for old people like her. I said, "Well, if your old-" then she hit me with her cane-AGAIN-and said "Im not old! im only 84!" and she walked out of the room.


Bottles of Asprin

Drinking on an empty stomach.
Trying to piss on some guy and his luggage, pissing everywhere else. And I ruined a perfectly good pair of shorts, also I got a really bad hangover.

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