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video games


Average Value of LMAO

Crafting my first Scout hat from Team Fortress 2
Ended up getting a hatless hat (Baseball Bill's Sports Shine). Was pissed. Crafted it with another hat, ended up getting a spy hat (which I don't play spy). Crafted it with a hat that was given as a gift from my friend, ended up with an engineer hat. Some cruel pattern this must be...


you're adopted

spent 1 week playing EVERY SINGLE SONIC GAME and beating EVERYTHING
I am a die hard sonic fan now more than ever. Bonus Result: My spring break is ruined....


Explanations Demanded

Play The sims 3 on my Xbox
Ended up killing 34sims in the town followed by a stupid suicide


your mom

Buying a video game.
Addicted to said video game.


your mom

Played Halo Reach for 49 hours straight
Thinking that i had a jetpack and jumped out my window into a rose bush


Worried Stares from Onlookers

Buying a Gameboy to keep in my car for traffic.
My girlfriend now plays the Barbie game for Gameboy color she found while cleaning for college. I haven't spent quality time with her, or gotten laid in a looong time.


Arbitrary Numbers

Buying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Not having a life.


Babbies Formed

Drinking Miller High Life, building an arcade machine, and throwing up on my lawn.
Worst hangover ever and apparently I tried to commit suicide after my buddy picked Venom and the Hulk as my opponents in Marvel vs. Capcom.


Years Spent in GuantanaLOL Bay

Spending countless hours of my life looking for this bitch.
Finding her in the last fucking castle.

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