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Holes In Friends' Ceiling

Drinking 2 hefty bottles of vodka on as many hours in a rock festival.
Breaking my friends ankle, threatening people with crocodiles if they did no do what I told them to do, tried to climb to the stage because the band was 5min late and getting thrown into a lake by security guards because of it.


Drunken Shenanigans

takin shots of vodka and smokin a blunt
lost my virginity, made out with my best friend, BONUS she admitted she wants to fuck me and lick my clit


Shots of Jaeger

agreed to camping for Valentine's Day weekend with my best friend, her boyfriend and his best friend who was obviously in love with me. I did not return his feelings. That night, I drank half a bottle of vodka...
ended up sleeping with the best friend in his single person tent. for the next month or so he would not leave me alone. BONUS RESULT: woke up the next morning and found out how loud i was. BONUS BONUS RESULT: he gave me a teddy for Valentine's Day the next morning... needless to say the car trip home was extremely awkward


People Who Will Never Invite You Anywhere Ever Again

deciding to dribk vodka in the afternoon
me not feeling so good


HA Granules

partied with 4 bottles of mccormics vodka and my trailer park buddies
got DRUNK and stole my moms car, drove doin 90 mph in a 35 on the wrong side of the rode to my gf house, only to find out she was cheatin on me. we broke up that night. BONUS: he gave her herpes of the mouth and throat :-)


Responsibilities Taken Seriously

redbull, vodka, and acid.
i now live in alaska.


Percent Chance of Not Getting AIDS

went to my blind grandma's house and she made cookies
passing out drunk from vodka put in mixing bowl, falling in the toilet in own piss and being tested for drugs


Roads of Awesome. AWESOMES.

Drank espresso spiked with cannabis-infused vodka of unknown strength, at 1 AM, while already sleep-deprived.
Discovered that this drug combination triggers in me both mild hallucinations AND not-so-mild paranoia. Also, spent 3 hours utterly terrified of the demons that I realized were lurking in the closets and trying to get out of the mirrors.


Shattered Dreams

Chugging my cup of vodka, then washing it down with a pitcher of beer.
Ended up in the hospital, beside two other drunks who were ironically also named Patrick.


Uncomfortable Explanations Needed

my friends and i go to one of their girlfriend's house to drink and smoke weed. i decided to steal her roomates bottle of grey goose and drink most of it straight no chaser.
woke up next to her fat sister. learned later i was so wasted i couldnt get an erection so i gave he oral sex. butt of my friends jokes for months

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