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LOLs per Million

decided to chug a premixed bottle of long island iced tea. passed out with my then boyfriend watching.
woke up naked with head in the toilet, then in the tub and finally in the bed. was told i slept with 2 girls when his friends came by and then that he was kidding. Bonus: ran into his friend who exclamed... is this the naked hotel chick? You MARRIED her?!?!? yea me... im still not sure what really happened. married 12 yrs now...


Broken Condoms

having sex with my boyfriend.
he said I can't have anymore dick because I become violent after sex. Bonus Result: it's really his poor decision because I can have an orgasm without even touching myself. Extra Special Result: I give myself a better orgasm than he ever has.


LMAOs Per Square Inch

having sex with my dads best friend.
my dads friend hitting me on the ass on christmas my dad tackling him and the friend saying at least my fingers were there instead of her pussy like last night.


Arbitrary Numbers

At a party. Drink a buncha alcohol, smoke some weed, trade host of party 'paying me back for the concert tickets I bought us' for leftovers of a bottle of vocdka. Go to front room to crash with straight best friend. Instead drink vodka. Straight friend offers to show me his junk.
See straight best friend's junk. Awkwardly compliment. Embarassing for him when he remembers. Good manners say I should offer to return the favour, he declines. UNWANTED JUNK


LOLrus Bukkits

Had it with all the head games and stupid drama women feed off of, so decided to go gay.
Found out that women are amateurs in the arenas of drama and head games compared to gay men.


Dollars Spent on Cab Rides Back From the Wrong State

Sleeping over at a friend's house.
Getting tackled to the ground by an 8 year old that yelled ''SLEEP WITH MEEE''

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