PoorDecisions tagged as



Rewarding Relationships Formed

At a 21st birthday party, had many shots, smoked a ton of weed, and then drove around for a half hour.
vomiting in my driveway and covering it in grass, thinking it was clean.


Promises Kept

Me and my best friend having a nice evening at this guy's condo.
Drinking 5 bottles of Mike's. Smoking weed, twice. Dancing with my dress going up 2 inches every minute. Grinding on 3 different guys and then me and my bestie for all 5 not remembering anyones name. Oops.


Accidental Sex Change Operations

Going to a rave in an abandoned warehouse in Nashville TN and drinking rum, smoking weed, taking acid, taking shrooms, taking more acid, and lots more rum.
Waking up in an abandoned warehouse in KY with no memory. My friend who was texting told me the last message from me was "shit dude shiiit" I now have to hitch hike back before my parents find out.


Responsibilities Taken Seriously

Smoking some weed then playing baseball.
Chasing a bird then falling in a pond.

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