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Hot Dogs Down the Hallway

Me and my friends birthday's are one day apart so we decided to celebrate by going to the bar and buying each other shots.
Blacking out somewhere between bar 2 and 3. Refusing rides home from sober people. Crawling through the bushes on the way home with pants undone. Police picking me up and driving me back home to my extremely pissed off roommates. Woke up to about 15 messages asking if I needed a ride home from jail.


Unnecessary MySQL Queries

Drinking a liter of vodka, straight, in less than 2 hours, and not sharing.
Asking everyone where Mr. Bread went, throwing up in the bushes, and trying to ride a German Shepard


Interrupted Masturbation Sessions

Walking around picking up people's drinks and chugging them.
Laying on a walkway throwing up, telling everyone I was just watering the bushes.

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