PoorDecisions tagged as

what is this i dont even


Interrupted Masturbation Sessions

Ate a Shit load of magical mushrooms, got drunk and smoked a blunt.
Having an awkward conversion with my left hand, falling asleep while still tripping balls and kept waking up in different realities.


Professors Who Will Accept This Post As an Excuse

met a hot girl


Really Awkward Mornings

Camping trip with some buddies and a bottle and a half of vodka.
Building a huge fire on the side of the rock. the rock decided it wanted to explode.


Holes In Friends' Ceiling

Drinking two whole bottles of wine (first time drinking any alcohol) while on the phone with my boyfriend, without him knowing I was doing it.
Passing out while singing a mix between "rape me" and "American idiot", a very confused mother, a new ex boyfriend, and trying to figure out still to this day how my dog ended up on my roof.


Lowered Expectations

Got stoned before work today.
Whoaaaaa shit what the hellllllll.

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