PoorDecisions tagged as

where the fuck did I put my house


Roads of Awesome. AWESOMES.

Hundo proof captains til 4am.
Walking home, getting lost until 6am and I was inexplicably in Fenway Park.


On the ROFLdex

Went to Tijuana to party.
It has been two weeks and I am in a town called Chihuahua, just now finding directions back to Pacific beach.


Promises Kept

Dank a whole bottle of whiskey and some vodka.
Waking up in the parking lot with a headace then passing out then wakeing up to a homeless man giving me a blowjob....i need to fuckin stop drinking


Worried Stares from Onlookers

Decided to go to a rave by myself 30 miles from home.
Ended up going to another rave another 100 miles from the first rave, just to come to almost 200 miles in the opposite direction in a random house w/ my car in a front lawn and my clothes scattered around wherever i was.


Prokchop Sandwiches

Drinking in the wrong half of the state.
Throwing up at every rest stop on the Mass Pike, taking a nap at one, pissed off parents once I got home.


Drug Cartels Now Searching for the Author of This Post

Pre-gaming extra hard to save money at the bars on New Year's.
Being too drunk to get into a bar, spending all night on the T without getting anywhere, and forgetting how to get home.

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