PoorDecisions tagged as

where the fuck is my me


Shotgun Weddings

drunk karaoke at the local pub
i think blacking out in a middle of a group song and shitting myself.


Charges of First-Degree HAHA

Going to a rave.
Waking up in ohio i live in D.C. wtf did i do.


Draught Kegs

Decided to go out drinking with some friends.
Got wasted as fuck and woke up in the bathroom with one of those urinal cakes in my mouth, and it wasn't even the same club I started at, no clue how I got there.


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Drinking a whole bottle of Skyy vodka.
Sleeping outside on a giant dirt pile with my phone 20 feet away. Not knowing where I am. And being so drunk I couldn't get down. And ended up calling the cops to get me down.

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