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Explanations Demanded

going on an innocent camping trip with my friend
stealing her dads whisky, first time drinking and drank waay too much, got completely shitfaced, hooked up with a random ugly guy, puked about 8 times, dont remember a thing except the beginning of the night, then the next morning had a hangover from hell and had to go on a boat ride and I'm pretty sure her dad knew....


Dollars of Net Profit Last Night

decided to spend my money on a handle of whiskey w my christmas $
resulted in drinking 8 cups mixed half w coke puking in random peoples yards trying to pee and peed all over myself has this all on video bc my bestfriend was fucked up too and fucking my bestfriends boyfriend w no condom, he pulled out but he said it went all over the wall i dont even remember whose room we were in.


Hot Dogs Down the Hallway

New Years Party. Decided to impress cute blonde co-worker by drinking half a fifth of whiskey and half of fifth of dirty tequila...
Blonde Co-worker boobies *reset* behind the wheel of truck *reset* walking in strange part of town *reset* convenience store??? *reset* Waking up behind the wheel of my truck, safely, at 5 in the morning.... by a police officer.


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Beirut, drinking blueberry whiskey, getting drunk fast, and smoking.
Accidentally sleeping with someone I had no intentions of ever sleeping with ever again especially since I was trying to get with one of his best friends... Best friend understood, whew I guess.


Times This Post Got Shoved In A Locker In High School

Playing flippy cup with Canadian whiskey.
Waking up butt ass naked on my parents kitchen floor with the fridge open and my parents standing over me.


Broken Condoms

Drinking shot after shot of cheap whiskey trying to show off at a high school party.
Shitting my pants at a random dudes house while calling his mom a bitch and being dubbed my senior year and the rest of my life the guy known as "shitpants."

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