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Prokchop Sandwiches

Drank too much wine again
My friends waxed off my pubes and glued them to my eyebrows.


Professors Who Will Accept This Post As an Excuse

Drank too much wine...again!
No crapping in the fishtank this time. Passed out in the back yard naked covered in mud. Apparently the dust bunnies told me to bury my clothes because they were secretly consuming me. BONUS RESULT: My clothes were not in the hole, I had to walk home....naked..sigh! I think I should quit drinking.


Roads of Awesome. AWESOMES.

Drank too much wine....again!
Crapped in some dudes fish tank, all the fish apparently died..


Trash Cans Not Vomited Into

drinking an entire glass of red wine BY MYSELF while rushing around my new apartment to get ready for a party.
spilling a full glass all over the white tile, havent even slept there one night and the bathroom looks like a crime scene!


Rewarding Relationships Formed

Drinking too much wine at a formal event with a new guy.
Being told I passed out on his lap and when he finally woke me up, I walked straight into the wall, and having no recollection of it.


LOLs per Million

Drank 2 bottles (1.5 liters) of wine during a party, trying to get courage enough for going after this girl I had a huge crush on.
I got the girl, we made out all night, then went up to a room, but... I was to drunk to keep an erection. She ditched me and told about the incident with her girlfriends. No booty for me for a long time.


Uncomfortable Explanations Needed

Drinking two whole bottles of wine (first time drinking any alcohol) while on the phone with my boyfriend, without him knowing I was doing it.
Passing out while singing a mix between "rape me" and "American idiot", a very confused mother, a new ex boyfriend, and trying to figure out still to this day how my dog ended up on my roof.


Wishes Denied

Drinking 2 bottles of wine, stepping into a bus with "friends" and falling asleep.
Yelling at the bus driver with my dick hanging out.

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