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Buildings Drunkenly Peed On

Started the night by lining 20 shots of Aftershock up along the bar and racing my best mate to the middle.
Having a fightclub style 'friendly' fight where he actually broke my arm. When trying to get back via an assumed shortcut found that we were on the other side of the river to the path, so tried climbing over peoples fences, through their gardens, to head in the right direction. After 4 or 5 fences one handed, I was in too much pain (didn't know why at the time) despite the booze and couldn't go forwards or back.



Deciding to spend my 20th birthday drinking far too much with my best friend.
Getting fucked by my best friend, learning I enjoyed it. Turned gay. Getting disowned by my family and moving in with my best friend. Also, Butt Hurts.


Lowered Expectations

Sharing my plan with my parents to become a member of armed forces pacific.
Having to spend a month in a psych ward, as i am slovak and have a major in international relations... i was forced to visit a psychiatrist who diagnosed my as schyzophrenic... jolly splendid.


Days Since Last Accident

Smoking weed and playing World of Warcraft all day.
I smoked weed and played World of Warcraft... all day.

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