PoorDecisions tagged as

wow. just wow.


Milligrams of ROFLnol

finally had sex on my 16th b-day
got pregnant. bonus result: mom is really pissed off at my stepfather


Orders of General LMAO's

Brought my boyfriend home for the weekend to meet the folks.
Found out that both my boyfriend and my dad are bi when I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.


Arbitrary Numbers

Walking into an apartment drunk that wasn't mine.
Getting fingered and and fucked on the balcony then trashing my next door neighbors apartment, turns out it's my apartment and I have to pay $50,000 for everything I broke.


Miles of LOLercoaster

Wearing a short skirt to a bar.
Waking up with 5 men.


On the LOLometer

Getting on here
Getting slapped by girlfriend because I was caught on a story about fingering a girl.


Social Security Dollars That Will Be There When You Retire

Taking 2 1/2 xanex bars, 3 1/2 30 mg oxycontin, 11 ambein, eating 15 cents, and smoking a bunch of dope.
Sobered up got pissed and thew up black shit :/ haha fun day though.


your mom

Doing blow.
Bloody nose destroyed my house blacking out and it burns when i pee.


Shots of Jaeger

Me and my female friend were dating 2 guys who are friends, so we had them come over and bring some booze.
Then after the alcohol was gone we were all having sex, I wanted to switch it up a bit. I yelled SWITCH, the guys switched girls, needless to say I married her original partner. He was a better lay.


Life Goals Accomplished

Making your own girlfriend with sex toys and other stuff.
You are fucking it "she" and then somebody catch U.


Shotgun Weddings

Drinking with my wife's mom.
Waking up the next morning in her moms bed and her mom exclaiming did u wear a condom.....i may be the father of my wife's new sibling.

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