PoorDecisions tagged as



People Who Will Never Invite You Anywhere Ever Again

Drank half a bottle of captain, then decided a booby slapping fight with my friend would be fun.
Ran into a wall and got a black eye, my parents flew me home cause they thought my husband hit me.


Sick Days Left At Work

drinking 1/2 liter of 100proof Captain Morgan while eating oreos
covering dorm bathroom in a spread of projectile vomiting that looks like straight up diarrhea and then running a victory lap around my floor which results in running straight into a wall


Gallons of LMAOnade

Drinking Cap'n and cokes until I was good and ready to go shopping at Shaws at 3AM.
Curbstomped a sprinkler for getting me wet, greatly improving the irrigation at Northeastern.


On the LOLometer

Didn't have chaser for Captain Morgans so I drank it straight.
Puked everywhere and stole someones shoes


Glasses of Whiskey

Hundo proof captains til 4am.
Walking home, getting lost until 6am and I was inexplicably in Fenway Park.


Days Since Last Hangover

Playing 7s 11s and doubles and drinking 100 proof captains.
Threw up on a table even though there was a trash can right next to me; being really fucking tall.


Average Value of LMAO

Pre-gaming a friend's party.
Doing a front flip into a lamp.


Average Value of LMAO

Drinking a large half Captain's and half Coke, a case of Woodchuck cider ale, and playing beer ball for an indeterminable amount of time on a work night.
Parents waking up to the sound of me throwing up in the shower and an overall terrible day at work.

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