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career decisions


Shotgun Weddings

decided to troll off at my job


Broken Condoms

Thinking I am immune to hangovers because I haven't had one since I was seventeen. Go to friend's party on a thursday night; drink so much I pass out.
Three hours straight puking, miss work, disciplinary meeting from boss. Getting older's a BITCH.


Days Since Last Hangover

brought a co-worker friend in on a high-profile, important project at work.
He's a lazy piece of s**t and turns in late, half-assed work when he turns in anything at all. But he sure will direct traffic, based on no knowledge of the facts and making extra work for everyone else. Bonus result: As part of a scheme to take over the project, he tried to stuff me under the bus to hide the fact that he's not doing any work. Bonus bonus result: His scheming and outbursts have put team morale in the toilet and made us all work more than we would have if he wasn't there at all.


your mom

taught my young cousins (7-10) "there once was a man from nantucket"
my aunts found them singing it at the top of their lungs.... i'm not allowed to babysit anymore


Drunken Shenanigans

Decided to become a musician.
I am poor.


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Got a job offer from a company out of state doing I job I enjoy and pays 1 1/2 times what I make at my current job. So I quit and moved for my new job.
Got to the new state, talked with personell who had me take a physical/drug test. They said they would have my start date in a week or so. I signed a 6 month lease on a place to live. During that week the company "let go" of all the new hires and started a hiring freeze. They didn't call me to let me know. I moved halfway across the country to be unemployed.


Claps from the LOLrus

Serious Sunday funday
Waking up handcuffed to a girl, both wearing ski goggles, naked. Didnt go to work that day.


Accidental Pregnancies

had an idea to make some weed brownies, and eat them at work because it just makes everything a little tolerable on slow nights.
My manager started to munch on the brownies that i put in the fridge with out asking....It was a fun watching her,as i dont even think she knows what weed is!! turned out she really thought she was ganna die and went to the hospital.. I still have my job....


Average Value of LMAO

Decided to get an in-dash DVD player.
Got seen masturbating to porn while waiting for the lights by someone I work with.


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Hooking up with one of my hot, female subordinates.
Sexual harassment complaint, she's pregnant, and a co-worker told my wife.

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