PoorDecisions tagged as

what the fuck


Futures Destroyed

went to a strip club without askin around which ones the best.
moter-boated a 60 year old asain who kept callin me justin bieber


Liters of Vanilla Vodka

Drinking way too much
Puking all over my cock whilst on the toilet.


Unnecessary MySQL Queries

Agreed to get weaned off antidepressants by my doctor and try behavioural therapy.
Realised how much I hated my job and coworkers. Going to court for attempted murder and assault for trying to strangle a guy named Jody at my old work.


Chairman LMAOs

Eating 5 spicy slim jims
Blowing out the constipation plug with liquid shit fire. While on acid. I was convinced a benevolent ass-dragon was relieving my blockage.


Confused Stares

letting a chihuahua scrach my foot while i was watching tv
when i looked down the chihuahua looked and acted like it was humping me , his penis was erect, and i got fucked by a chihuahua


Shots of Jaeger

Decided to discuss the possibility of having a threesome with my boyfriend.
Ended up getting talked into a threesome with my boyfriend and my sister's father-in-law.


LMAOs Per Square Inch

Suggesting my "Brutal facesitting" fantasy to my woman.
She love the concept, she came so hard she crapped on my chin


Average Value of LMAO

Dumped my boyfriend because he wouldnt come out to his dad about being gay thinking that his hardcore military man dad would disown him for being a pansy.
Met my ex's dad at a bathhouse three months later and have moved into his house and am lovin' getting laid by my ex's hot and well-off dad.


Gallons of LMAOnade

Went to Dorney Park w/ best friend
Me and him flirting, making out on the ferris wheel, giving him a handjob, him wanting me to suck his dick, me doing it, him creaming all over my face while on the kiddie train a lil kid asking me wats on my face and were he can get some. BONUS RESULT: I now have a new boyfriend SUPER BONUS RESULT: He proposed yesterday and im having his son.


Unnecessary MySQL Queries

Going to a party. Secondary decision: TEQUILA.
Waking up handcuffed to a bed with two guys' junk in my face. Could not suppress boner. Gave blowjobs. THIS DOESN'T MAKE ME GAY RIGHT? RIGHT? right...?

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