PoorDecisions tagged as

that's gross


LOLs per Million

went to a public pool


Miles per ROFL

went to the blue man group sat in the front row
had a condom full of paint burst all over me



Going home after the dentist with novacaine and thinking that i would be able to play didgeridoo really well because of my relaxed face.
Spit all over my shirt... and the couch...and the clean clothes... and the cat... and the floor.


Miles per ROFL

after an hour of not being able to sleep...
i think i heard my brother fappn in the same room


Hot Dogs Down the Hallway

using a public toilet. (it was an emergency ok? I really needed to go!)
smelled horrible and the toilet seat was warm. i feel violated! =(


Uncomfortable Explanations Needed

Agreeing to run a cash register at my place of employment to help out when it got busy
had to keep my composure while standing two feet away from a guy who had to run and grab ANOTHER family-size container of lice shampoo...for only himself... BONUS RESULT feeling itchy every time I go near a register


Pounds of Pure, Uncut LMFAO

went to a strip club
found out how my mom makes her money....


Charges of First-Degree HAHA

letting a chihuahua scrach my foot while i was watching tv
when i looked down the chihuahua looked and acted like it was humping me , his penis was erect, and i got fucked by a chihuahua


LOLrus Bukkits

Parked car in drive overnight and didn't get up until mid-day.
Dead baby chick lands on roof of car and welds itself to the roof so that it's almost impossible to remove. BONUS RESULT: When driving on a car park with lots of people, everybody stares at me in a sort of disgusted fashion, as though I chose to keep the bird up there as a gruesome mascot or abstract statement on vegetarianism.


Alcohol Induced Comas

Jizzing in my girls mouth
She grabbed me and kissed me before swallowing. We effectively shared my jizz.. EW

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