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Uncomfortable Explanations Needed

i decided to pour a mixture of vodka, absent, and some moonshine in my proms punch bowl
resulted in about 20 girls pregnant, most the teachers losing their job, and me losing my highschool diploma, and cant go to college and got on probation... oh and lots of people wanting to kick my ass...


Accidental Sex Change Operations

My friend stopped by to take me and my man out to a local club. my man had gone out with the guys. so we decided it be a 'girls night' and go ourselves, drank many mixed drinks, beer and shots
Ended up in said club bathroom puking and sh*ting myself, getting locked in said club, then sat on the curb puking waiting for my friend, two hrs later we got in car to go home, passed out in car, woke up in the back seat, my man in front and in another state, all while im still in my sh*ty clothes. what a road trip that was


Average Value of LMAO

8 shots of Jack, beer chasers, 8 jager bombs in 2 hours.
Passing out mid step walking out of a bar in front of a cop. Public intoxication charge, massive hangover, concussion, and a pinched nerve in my shoulder.


Days Since Last Hangover

Drinking, drinking, and then drinking.
Trying to convince my friends that the guy I was trying to go home with wasn't a freshman because "you can't lie to a drunk girl", despite the fact he was going into a freshmen dorm.

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