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what is this i don't even


Guys That Girl You Like Hasn't Slept With

went to cleats( a sports bar) and during mid meal my buddy decided to open the ketchup bottle. well the person decided to pull the beer in the ketchup bottle an shake it.
ketchup bottle exploded and covered my 2 buddies. it went everywhere, i mean everywhere. got all new food. ha that is amazing.


Arbitrary Numbers

HUMPING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT... literaly... even my hands


Promises Kept

Posting my phone number in a PD comment thread in response to some girls talking about how they want to fuck the tag writers, along with the eloquently worded note: "if yall are females ill fuck da shit out yall and have you cant feel yo legs n goin for another round"
Let's find out. 2293105656


Claps from the LOLrus

got my ass kicked with both hands behind my back
i really should have used my hands...


People Who Will Never Invite You Anywhere Ever Again

all niter on fb
FUCKIN TIRED. bonus result:the girl i like got drunk and showed pictures of her to me through messaging.bonus bonus result. we havin sex tonite.


Shots of Jaeger

drunken night with my best friend while his girlfriend is in India
ended up shaking dice for clothes which led to the best sex of my life...


Miles per ROFL

Went to my brothers wedding.
Getting punched by my brother.


Broken Condoms

took this girls virginity
she won't leave me the tuck alone... she calls/txt me all day shows up at my job and waits for me after class... she knows where I live wtf am I gonna do?


Promises Kept

went out to the bar on st.pattys day drank a shit ton of irish green beers and a few too many shots of jameson eventually had to take a massive shit went to the stall sat down and let it out then a big ass mother fucking meathead walks in and tells me.... get up..... i say im taking a shit u need to wait.... he comes in closer and says u need to get the fuck up right now..... as much as i drank this guy was looking super small so i said....... i told u im taking a shit u need to fuckin wait and pointed at him
at that time he took my head and smashed it into the wall and gripped me up off the toliet pants around my ankle and tried throwing me out into the bar....yea i got my ass kicked on the toilet isnt that some shit*


On the LOLometer

I decided to lose weight to be more fit & have a higher self-esteem because my (then) boyfriend picked on me for being heavy. I broke up with him, lost 50 pounds & started dating a new guy.
After three months of being with the new guy, we have sex. I take his lovely virginity. A few weeks after that, he breaks up with me because I'm "not fat enough" for him anymore. Chubby chaser, uugghh!

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