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Drug Cartels Now Searching for the Author of This Post

getting in a fight with my boyfriend.
spending my birthday alone reading poordecisions all night..


Babbies Formed

Seeing a girl sitting in the corner lonely at a party so I be a gentlemen and go make small talk to help her feel better
This tunda wookie (as I like to call it) won't stop following me at the party, adds me on facebook, and won't stop sending me messages on how much fun she had, even though the whole night I was avoiding her


Claps from the LOLrus

spent 1 week playing EVERY SINGLE SONIC GAME and beating EVERYTHING
I am a die hard sonic fan now more than ever. Bonus Result: My spring break is ruined....


Rewarding Relationships Formed

had to fart REALLY bad in class (i had held it in all day) and tried to let it out slowly and silently so it wouldnt smell and people wouldnt notice me.
silent thing and not smelling thing didnt work out at ALL.BONUS RESULT: I SHARTED in my pants and asked if i could go to the bathroom but teacher wouldnt let me out until end of class.BONUS BONUS RESULT: when i was dumping all the turd out of my pants someone came in and heard me ploping in the pot they CRAWLED under the stall and saw me. good thing my REALLY HOT girlfriend got sick that day and didnt hear me fart and news about the emptying my pants never got to her. whew.


Pairs of LOLerskates

Arguing w/ the wife over a getting some, my comeback was "fine, there's always my hand!"
It's going on 3 years and I'm still using my hand! Hint: Keep your damn mouth shut!


People That Like Turtles

trying to blow my dick
me pulling my back and needing my mom to help me up.


Uncomfortable Explanations Needed

Watching the entire 11 hour extended editions of Lord of the Rings in one sitting, starting at 5pm.
Can barely move my legs, and can't sleep due to the massive quantities of energy drink required to see us through the film. Oh, and work starts in less than 3 hours.

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