PoorDecisions tagged as

daww crap apples


you're adopted

Realized my cat will never do anything Lolcatz worthy...
I haz a sadz...


Arbitrary Numbers

Let my mum and my empty pocket bully me into accepting a new job as a Youth Worker - despite how much I dislike having to spend time with other people.
Have to deal with damn teenagers all week, and having to talk nicely to strangers EVERY FUCKING DAY. I now hate my life.


Confused Stares

going to the public pool for the first time
A BOY/GIRL STARTED TO FLIRT WITH ME!! (i still dont know what IT was....)


Average Value of LMAO

Going to a friend's house thinking we'd drink
He finds out there's an alarm in his house after midnight when the garage door opens. No drinks for us, damn it, is there a word like blue tongue or blue stomach for this kind of disappointment?


Dollars of Net Profit Last Night

Friend goes out paint balling with a girl, thinking of getting lucky....
She tells him about his boyfriend and gets my friend to talk to him about paintball....


Days Since Last Hangover

play hard to get
nothing gets got


Promises Kept

To check out this app to see what it was.
Now afraid of all palm apps. Bonus result: Now getting an Android phone. Bye palm!


Shots of Jaeger

fiance decided to bring home a girl for a threesome cause its something she had always had a fantasy about.
spent to much time with the other girl, fiance is mad as all hell, and the other girl wont leave me alone now.


Times the Socially Acceptable Level of Failure

trying to get some action from 3 different girls all on my bday
getting blue balls


Broken Condoms

Agreeing to go with my family to Tennessee for Christmas.
I'm in Tennessee

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