PoorDecisions tagged as



Bottles of Asprin

Giving a blowjob from an awkward angle.
Semen in my nasal cavities.


People Who Understand Math

Went to fast food restaurant drunk
Laughed at japanese folks and stole chips and softdrinks


Rewarding Relationships Formed

fussing with an cook @ mcdonalds!
my hamburger had sme suspicious things about it!


Pairs of LOLerskates

Going to visit that foreign chick I play online games with. Not ever being told she was married until I met the husband.
Getting the shit scared out of me a few days later when lying in said chicks bed by her husband storming up the stairs. Having to flee back out of the country.


Buildings Drunkenly Peed On

Walking around work with a hard cock.
Being fired for sexual harassment.


Draught Kegs

Went on vacation for a month and let my dad take care of my house.
Came home to a note saying he was sorry for using up all my condoms and lube, and that if I give him a bill for new sheets, he'll pay me back. Later Result: Kept getting messages for two weeks from some woman named Janelle in my voicemail for my dad.


Years Spent in GuantanaLOL Bay

Going out with my male best friend and his girlfriend to get wasted at a bar.
Went back to his place trashed and had a threesome. Went down on a girl for my first time and threw up in her snatch.

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