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academic decisions


Trash Cans Not Vomited Into

Staying up till 1 a.m. watching cartoons.
Realizing I have a psych midterm in the morning and have never opened my book. Stayed up till 4 studying. Teacher ended up givin us 30% credit for nothing. Shoulda gone to sleep


you're adopted

Attempt to salsa dance with skeleton in science room
Skeleton breaks, results in paying $460 worth damages and an angry teacher


Pounds of Pure, Uncut LMFAO

Smoking weed and then proceeding to woodshop
Getting an Aplus for my awsome yet off-putting acts of carpentry


Shattered Dreams

borrowed a usb from my freind for school
getting suspended because h had porn on it


Alcohol Induced Comas

Ate shrooms right before school at a friends house.
Running down the senior hallway screaming "Spyro the purple dragon is gonna eat me!!!" like a little girl... worst part im a guy and the teachers thought it was hilarious :/


Deaths by Dysentery

Smoking pot and going to Japanese class.
Laughing my ass off, repeating "SAY WHA-??". Infinite shame and jokes about it.


Average Value of LMAO

Going to a high school football game drunk cause everyone does it
Drinking a fifth of vodka swearing i didn't feel the alcohol, puking on a cop, getting kicked out of school and waking up to my dad throwing me in the shower with my clothes on asking me where he went wrong.


you're adopted

Smoking pot before class.
Falling asleep in class and waking up a period later to a bunch of freshmen poking me nervously.

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