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Miles of LOLercoaster

taking 3 acid tablets before a mad raging concert.
thinking everyones a flesh hungry goblin ready to attack me.............


Confused Stares

took 5 hits of acid
ended up at the mall at 7am trying to buy a poster. no stores were open but there was old women in the middle of the mall jazzersizing with huge rubberbands. after i quit lauging uncontrolably i joined them till the mall opened... and i forgot my poster


People That Still Like You

redbull, vodka, and acid.
i now live in alaska.


LOLrus Bukkits

drinking bacardi taking acid then going to a party
throwin up on the birthday girl..eating all of the toothpaste thinking it was icing and punching the cake because it was talkin shit BONUS: woke up in the bathroom surrounded by a pair of blond girls and one guy with a rubber ball in his mouth while the water was running over us (im a straight female)


Promises Kept

Decided to take acid after high school graduation ceremony, while having my girlfriend cry all over me out of joy.
Ended up fucking the school mascot, fortunately it was a chick, fortunately, i fucked her in front of my girlfriend. Bonus result: i now have two girlfriends, WIN!!


you're adopted

taking some strong acid with 3 friends at disneyland..
one of them lost his mind on the nemo ride.. yelling, hitting the people behind and next to us, climbing on the ride conductor thinking he was in a movie.. FBI came (yes disneyland has their own FBI), took my friend to the hospital, let the rest of go and we got on the rest of the rides.


LMAOs Per Square Inch

droppin acid before going to the fair
escorted out by police without pants...evidently i took them off at the top of the big slide and slide down on them Later result: new nickname


Confused Stares

Watching Pink Floyd's The Wall on acid.
Shitting my pants as I fell into a meat grinder.


People Who Understand Math

Mixed acid with alcohol, adhd medication and anti depressants
Me waking up in a park with a syringe next to my arm. My body now provides a comfortable home for HIV


Unnecessary MySQL Queries

dropping acid then going fishing
thinking a fish was purple and he said his name was larry

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