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Dollars Spent on Cab Rides Back From the Wrong State

Went on a coffee date with this Albanian guy. He takes me downtown to this wierd coffee shop where he knows everyone, and they are all talking to each other in Albanian. He orders me an "Albanian coffee." It was so good I drank another and then another and then...
Turns out, one Albanian coffee has the caffeine of 7 large espressos. I had five. I literally haven't slept in 52 hours.


Interrupted Masturbation Sessions

Drank espresso spiked with cannabis-infused vodka of unknown strength, at 1 AM, while already sleep-deprived.
Discovered that this drug combination triggers in me both mild hallucinations AND not-so-mild paranoia. Also, spent 3 hours utterly terrified of the demons that I realized were lurking in the closets and trying to get out of the mirrors.


Broken Condoms

To drink a double strength pot of coffee and get some work done this Friday!
It's now Sunday and I havent slept yet

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