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this sounds like a healthy relationship if I've ever seen one


Gallons of LMAOnade

broke up with a girl that loved to party, loved sex, and had NO gag reflex....NONE!! ended it because she was still married.
her husband calls me everytime he cant find her. plus, now i just get super-head without all the bullshit that comes with a relationship!!! yay!!


HA Granules

gave my wife 'Fire in the whole" (previous post)
GUYS NOTE: Make sure ur wife does not have Listerine in her mouth when she is about to blow you. I now have a sense of what "Jalapeno on a stick" is!


Rent Dollars Actually Spent on Rent

dating drugy girl whose an ex hroin addict
best head ever crazyist sex ever. being cheated on cheating to get back getting cig put out on my arm doing lots of bad drugs strung out keep seeing gost

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