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doin' it in public


LOLs per Million

drinking while at my best friends house (we're both gurls)
having a threesome with a random hooker in the middle of the street


Claps from the LOLrus

Decided it would be fun to have sex at the park
Me and my guy frantically looking for our clothes because a helicopter cop was watching us.


Sois by the ROFLcopter

Keeping things 'exciting'
cuffed and half naked in the back of a cop car while getting told that we are going to be charged with indecent exposure while i explain that we cant go to jail cuz our babysitter gets off at 11... dont have sex on a golf course.


Milligrams of ROFLnol

Large cup of Hennesey mixed with fruit juice, a couple of shots, 2 Long Island Ice Teas in a club on gay night
Giving oral sex to a male dancer on the dance floor while my friend danced with him, getting kicked off of stage to make way for the real dancers, having one of the bartenders lick my nipples on the dance floor, and later ate me out in the bathroom. Someone opened the stall door and saw us, and the bartender was reprimanded for not being behind the bar.


People That Like Turtles

Sex outside in the day.
Destroying some kid's innocence.


Charges of First-Degree HAHA

Had sex in the park with my boyfriend.
My brother runs up to us and hugs us both naked.


you're adopted

Having many alcohol beverages.
Getting it on with my bf with 6 other people sleeping in the same room.


Roads of Awesome. AWESOMES.

Being fucked drunk, and letting my emotionally retarded ex into a mates party when she turned up uninvited.
Screwing her in front of 8 people, 3 close friends, 5 random strangers, regret.

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