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Wishes Denied

Decided to be nice and close the broken door across the street. Bent down to put brick in front of door so it wont fly open again.
Grab side railing to get up and fall through railing 5feet off the front deck onto neck and back :( OUCH


People That Still Like You

Shaving my dick in the shower
It being sliced down the middle, i can no longer get an erection


Interrupted Masturbation Sessions

Got drunk with friends at a nightclub down by the docks.
Woke up on a naval vessel under a bunch of Canadian guys. Too scared to resist getting a reacharound from one of the sailors afterwards.


Prokchop Sandwiches

Pleasuring myself while I thought I was home alone
Creepy uncle who sprays my house for bugs coming in and admitting he's 'always had a thing for his pretty neice'.


Claps from the LOLrus

Dating the only other asian I know.
Turns out he was my 2nd cousin.


Drug Cartels Now Searching for the Author of This Post

helping out at a mental hospital
had to convince a 80 year old patient that shes not ke$ha and that she really has to put her clothes back on


Dollars of Net Profit Last Night

I decided to play a joke on my boyfriend. i told him i was going to the movies with my friends. & he wasnt ivited...
Him coming to the movies. in a mask. with a knife in hand. him foaming at the mouth & trying yo kill us. & we broke up..


Times This Post Got Shoved In A Locker In High School

askin gf to shave like a pornstar
i have to shave mines .razor burns on my sack


Arbitrary Numbers

At a party. Drink a buncha alcohol, smoke some weed, trade host of party 'paying me back for the concert tickets I bought us' for leftovers of a bottle of vocdka. Go to front room to crash with straight best friend. Instead drink vodka. Straight friend offers to show me his junk.
See straight best friend's junk. Awkwardly compliment. Embarassing for him when he remembers. Good manners say I should offer to return the favour, he declines. UNWANTED JUNK


Hot Dogs Down the Hallway

drinking all night because it was 2-4-1
spent over 700 bucks on the tab because it was my bf's birthday. BONUS RESULT: woke up with best friends mom in the camper parked in her driveway.

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