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are you... retarded?


Average Value of LMAO

me and a friend went for a quad ride at night on some powerlines with beers and some smoke.
4 hrs into ride i wanted to check my fuel situation. it was too dark to see into tank so i decided to use a lighter. poof the fumes ignited. good times turned ugly!


Rent Dollars Actually Spent on Rent

met a hot girl


Babbies Formed

A couple buddys and i played a practical joke by putting on ski masks and jumpin our friend with bats as he left work
He ran away and we ended up in the police station getting asked where we hid our victim


People That Still Like You

decided it was a good idea to start a youtube chanel that is like with a bunch of friends
2 concussions later i needed to have my knee sugical repaired


Prokchop Sandwiches

getting so high before class.
learning about space me: we will be the first peolpe on the sun. teacher: no you cant, you'll burn up me: duh, we will go at night.


Days Since Last Accident

i took some angel dust with my freinds
waking up think i wad pigeon

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