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what the fuck is wrong with you?


Arbitrary Numbers

walked ok a blv. and a cop pass in so I say "hello" whith a sarcastik face and he got a sad face and dont sai hello to me so I sceam " hey fuck you asss hole" !
he hear me, put he's light on and come to me im reverse in the wrong way XD he give me a tiket of 68 box and I never pay it... lol


Days Since Last Hangover

stalking people until they got back to their house.
sitting on theire porch for an hour, knocking on there door, getting yelled at by a big black lady, flying down two sets of stairs, running back to my house, and sitting in the living room silent with my friend.


Roads of Awesome. AWESOMES.

Tried to be straight, and dated a wonderful girl.
Fell in love with her dad when we went to her parents' place, broke up her parents marriage, and am now shacked up with her dad.

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