PoorDecisions tagged as

doin' it with members of an unintended gender


HA Granules

Got into a fight with a guy in a cowboy hat over my girlfriend in a bar.
Woke up in bed with the guy, me wearing his cowboy hat and nothing else on either of us, and no sign of my gf.


Uncomfortable Explanations Needed

A straight guy getting drunk at Senior Week.
Finding out I do not have very good friends after waking up with a guy named Michelle....Twice.


Accidental Sex Change Operations

Smoked A LOT of pot with friends. One of which is very bi.
Passed out on couch and woke up with belt and pants undone, dick hanging out of boxers, and being spooned by bi friend. Who is male.


Roads of Awesome. AWESOMES.

Drinking untold amounts of Skyy vodka, Powers whiskey, and smoking some pot. Friends then dared me that I couldn't get with the only Asian chick at the party.
Danced with her and did some more shot. Went it bedroom to have sex. Then blacked out. Friends told me the next day that I came running out half naked screaming that she had a penis.


Years Spent in GuantanaLOL Bay

Straight man... going to a gay nightclub with a gay friend who had the hots for me...
Made an intimate mistake never to be repeated.


Chairman LMAOs

Poor result for the 5 guys I was with: UNINTENDED GAY ORGY My poor result: Passed out, missed orgy.


Square Feet of Fridge Space Not Occupied by Booze

Dank a whole bottle of whiskey and some vodka.
Waking up in the parking lot with a headace then passing out then wakeing up to a homeless man giving me a blowjob....i need to fuckin stop drinking


Grammar and Spelling Corrections

Went to a party thrown by my lesbisan friends. as a lesbian myself I couldnt have been more excited... I decided to "roll" and had way too much to drink...
Waking up in my own bed not knowing how I got there with my male supervisor sleeping naked next to me...


People That Like Turtles

Attempted to match drinks with a gay former friend without realizing three crucial points: 1) double-vodka and red bull looks and tastes exactly like straight-up red bull. 2) He was ordering the drinks. 3) He had a crush on me.
Woke up naked in his bed with no recollection of the previous night beyond passing out in the taxi. I never asked what happened, and I believe that's for the best.

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